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Mã sản phẩm 850FWG
Thương hiệu Honeywell
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  • Hotline : 033.478.9967

    Đặt hàng : (024) 3260.6868

    Email :

    Kho hàng : (024) 3636 0326

Thông tin chi tiết

• PVC coating provides good chemical resistance to oils, greases, caustics, acids and alcohols

• Superior grip, dexterity, and flexibility reduces hand fatigue and promotes increased productivity

• Heavy duty coating is ideal for rough applications

• Ideal alternative for workers with latex allergies

• Fully coated with attached sleeves are also available

• Description :   Green, fully coated

• Sizes : 9L, 10XL

• Grip/Cuff : Rough/Gauntlet

• Length : 36cm

• Pack/Case : 12 Pr / 72 Pr

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