Găng tay vệ sinh chống hóa chất Butyl B131R giá độc quyền tại ECO3D

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Mã sản phẩm B131R/10
Thương hiệu Honeywell
Xuất xứ Mỹ
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  • Hotline : 0372.064.090

    Đặt hàng : (024) 3260.6868

    Email :

    Kho hàng : (024) 3636 0326

Thông tin chi tiết

• Highest permeation resistance to gas and water vapor for greater worker protection,

especially when handling toxic substances

• Highly resistant to ketones (MEK, MIBK, acetone) and esters (tricresyl phosphate,

amyl acetate, ethyl acetate)

• Sanitized interior limits odors

• Flexible and sensitive, even at lower temperatures

• Available with “Grip-Saf” roughed palm for enhanced grip and less hand fatigue,

rolled bead cuff prevents tearing

• GI styles are manufactured on govt. spec. APM hand forms to meet the requirements

of MIL-DTL-43976D, but are not fully tested, inspected, marked or packaged in

accordance with this specification

• Description : Black 

• Sizes : 7–11

• Grip/Cuff : Rough

• Length : 28cm

• Thickness : 13 mil

• Pack/Case : 24 Pr / 288 Pr

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